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Customer Success Stories

About Gander Mountain

Gander Mountain operates the largest retail chain of stores for hunting, fishing, camping, and marine products and accessories in the United States.

Founded: 1960
Revenue: Greater than $1 billion
Channels: 114 stores, catalog, ecommerce
ERP: Oracle Retail
Analytics: MicroStrategy, OBIEE, Oracle RDW, Netezza

Driven by Analytics

Gander Mountain believes in data-driven business decisions. The company utilizes Oracle Retail, including Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS) and Oracle Retail Data Warehouse (RDW). OBIEE and MicroStrategy are the reporting and analytics platforms, featuring sophisticated KPI’s, shared company-wide for a “single version of the truth." Gander Mountain depends on analytics to make key merchandise decisions - resulting in boosted sales and avoiding costly markdowns and liquidations.

Large Stores, Broad Assortments

Many of Gander Mountain’s stores are large footprint locations ranging from 50,000 to 120,000 square feet in size. Stocking each store is a broad and deep merchandise assortment spanning camping gear, hunting and fishing equipment, private label apparel, and more. As a result, Gander Mountain’s operations generate billions and billions of data records. Locked inside this data are the insights that over 1,000 merchants and store operations personnel need to succeed.

Getting Insight from a Mountain of Data

Every Monday morning, users thirst to understand the weekend’s performance: Did my promotion work out well? How did the great weather boost sales? What items sold well and poorly, so we can better manage the rest of the season? To help unlock and deliver the insights they need, Gander Mountain partners with Yomari. Yomari consults with the company on strategy, planning, architecture, and execution of many of its data warehousing and reporting initiatives.

Impressive Performance

When Gander Mountain needed assistance in boosting the performance of its analytics, the company turned to Yomari. Bringing deep technical expertise, as well as strong experience in retail, Yomari helped reduce batch window times and enable on-the-fly ad-hoc reporting for users. Using Yomari’s Forklift toolkit, the company was able to migrate its systems to a state-of-the-art Netezza Data Warehouse Appliance in just a few months.

Sophisticated Analytics

High performance analytics allowed users to ask increasingly sophisticated questions – with profitable answers. Yomari and Gander Mountain worked together to help implement market basket analytics, using information about which products sell well together to grow transaction sizes and fine tune promotion strategies. Store-level planogram insights were also added, giving merchants a granular view of how customers perceive the store and its merchandise selection.

Managing Growing Assortments

As Gander Mountain’s merchandise assortment changes and expands, it’s critical to reclassify products to keep the business well-organized. Yomari’s Oracle Reclassification Toolkit enables automatic product reclass. Business users experience no interruption in system availability, and IT is freed up from manual processes.

Visibility Across the Enterprise

With a strong data warehouse foundation and an analytics-driven decision-making culture, Gander Mountain constantly seeks to add new data to its reporting system. Gander Mountain and Yomari work together to bring in richer data from ecommerce and catalog systems, for a more comprehensive view of business performance throughout the entire enterprise.