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Put Yomari's expertise and experience to work for your business

Your organization - and your customers - are data generating machines. Data is generated and stored every time someone uses an ATM machine, checks out at a grocery store, creates a purchase order, processes that order, and so on.

But what good is all that data if your business cannot organize, analyze, and exploit it to make better business decisions? A well-designed data model and business intelligence architecture provide an interactive process of analyzing and exploring structured data to discern trends and patterns, enabling a business to help predict the future impact of current decisions.

Yomari has helped businesses around the world build multi-terabyte enterprise data warehouse and BI applications, complex data integration solutions, and other custom software that turn data and information into powerful business intelligence. Our core expertise lies in building exactly this type of large-scale yet rapid-response databases that can be the backbone of your BI system. Yomari provides end-to-end services in the areas of:

At Yomari, we have a proven methodology to ensure a productive and repeatable process for achieving successful application deployment on time and within budget for our customers. Yomari consultants guide an organization through the creation of their business intelligence system by offering a wide range of services that provide support in the discovery, planning, development and deployment stages. Whether part of your long-term road map, or to meet an immediate need, Yomari's range of analytics services delivers value to your business teams and ROI on all your IT efforts. Yomari is ready to assist your organization with: