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Performance Optimization

Add more firepower to your analytics systems with Yomari's performance optimization

It's no secret that as a data warehouse grows, performance challenges can occur. Problems grow over time. Data is added from more sources. Business user demands increase. The number of reports explodes. Batch windows narrow. Your hardware platform struggles to keep up. These performance challenges can prevent retailers from getting the full value from their EDW.

That's why so many turn to Yomari to optimize their analytics systems. We know how to optimize your EDW to reach its full potential.

  • We can assess your current systems and identify the bottlenecks that stop you short of the performance goals your business needs.
  • We can help you scale your analytics system to serve more users.
  • We can tune and optimize your reports to make them faster and serve more needs, including ad hoc reports that deliver near-time business intelligence.
  • We can tune ETL programs to meet batch windows.
  • We can determine if your hardware is keeping up, and if needed, help you migrate quickly and cost-effectively to new and more powerful platforms using our unique hardware migration solutions.

  • Yomari's Forklifts and other pre-packaged solutions can help you add performance firepower to your database server and get more value from your EDW investment.