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Solutions for Wholesale and Distribution

Yomari works with wholesalers and distributors to help you utilize analytics and business intelligence to reduce operational costs, improve productivity, and implement more effective financial management.

Yomari partners with you to enable your organization to:

  • Integrate data across multiple systems and parties, including sales, retailer point-of-sale, supply chain, marketing, and resource management, so you can build a complete picture of business performance
  • Deliver centralized access to business measures with the ability to track and manage performance against goals
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs, boost efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction by aligning production and inventory to customer demand
  • Identify problems and opportunities across every area of your business – including sales, service levels, finance and labor productivity – and rapidly make decisions to boost profitability
To learn more about how Yomari can help you implement and enhance the data warehouse, business intelligence, and analytics for your wholesale and distribution organization, contact Yomari now.