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Oracle Solutions

Yomari offers a range of analytics, business intelligence, and data warehouse solutions for your Oracle Retail implementation. These include:

  • Implementation of Oracle Retail Analytics (RA)
  • Tuning and enhancement of your Oracle Retail Data Warehouse (RDW)
  • Migration of RDW from your legacy RDBMS to a new platform
Get more value from your Oracle Retail Analytics (RA) and Oracle Retail Data Warehouse (RDW) solution quickly and cost-effectively

Yomari puts its Oracle Retail experience and expertise to work for you with proven toolkits that save you time and money and reduce your risk of schedule and budget overruns. Yomari Accelerator toolkits are reusable code, documentation, test plans, project plans and best practices that have been field-tested and proven from years of experience. They can be easily mapped to your particular challenges, tested with your data, and turned on quickly.

Why reinvent the wheel? With Yomari, you can rapidly implement RA, or have a major enhancement to RDW up and running in weeks, not months. Get fast time to value, spend less money and avoid the problems of major upgrades to your system.

Yomari toolkits include: