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Integrate data from any source for a truly comprehensive data warehouse and BI solution

Integrating your enterprise data warehouse (EDW) into your source system application landscape is the key to creating a truly comprehensive analytics solution.

Yomari makes it easy.

  • Yomari helps you integrate your current source system applications with with your EDW, so you protect your investments and continue to work the way you want to work. Want to use your online ordering system, pricing system, merchandising system or any system with your EDW? Yomari can create the right integrations quickly and cost-effectively
  • When you're ready to add data from more source systems to your data warehouse, no one has more experience than Yomari. Yomari has the expertise to make your integration smooth, fast and pain-free
  • Yomari's field-tested templates and solutions mean you can integrate new applications and data sources without reinventing the wheel. Yomari solutions save you time and money and reduce your risk of schedule and budget overruns