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Migration Solutions

Yomari helps you smoothly migrate from your legacy data warehouse to a state-of-the-art platform such as Netezza, Teradata, or Oracle Exadata.

As your business has grown, so have the demands your users place on your business intelligence, and analytics infrastructure. It's time to move to a purpose-built data warehousing platform, and databases like Neteezza, Teradata, or Oracle Exadata likely sit at the heart of your new strategy. But you have hundreds of ETL routines, years of historical data housed in a rich and nuanced data model, and thousands of reports and analytics that your users depend upon every day.

How do you leverage your existing BI assets with your new infrastructure? Where should you re-think your approach so you're not simply "paving the cow path?"How do you serve users without interruption, and introduce them to upgraded capability in an orderly fashion?

Yomari can help you orchestrate even the most complex re-platforming. Our tried-and-true migration services and Forklift methodology break the effort into orderly and logical steps, mapping your old ETL, data model, metrics, and reports, into your new environment. You'll make maximum use of your existing investments, but also take advantage of all the new power and capabilities of your new, state-of-the-art platform.

Yomari offers Migration Solutions tailored to your unique challenges, as well as packaged services and solutions for:

Netezza Oracle Teradata